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Natural Treats Box

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Nutritious treats are vital for a happy, healthy dog life, but we are all leading increasingly busy lives. So what we need is a snack box that is both nutritionally complete and convenient.

Roast Beef Natural Dog Treat

Roast Beef Pieces

Prime Scottish steak trimmings roasted and dried. 100% natural.

Beef contains vital minerals and vitamins which has health benefits. It is also rich in iron but mainly heme-iron so, it prevents from anaemia.

Our roast beef provides the essential fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins that give your dog a healthy coat, skin, joints, and muscles. Omega-3 in beef can also help with skin problems.

Beef Trachea

A great chew and a natural source of glucosamine which helps to keep your dogs’ joints healthy.

This all-natural and fully digestible dog chew is a healthy alternative to rawhide. With lots of rich, beefy flavour in every bite, this single-ingredient treat is satisfying and safe for your dog to enjoy.

Beef trachea offers valuable health benefits. Cattle windpipes are rich in nutrients like glucosamine and chondroitin, which are both known to support the joint health and mobility of dogs.

Furthermore, the gnawing on the crunchy texture and grooves of this treat helps to remove the plaque and tartar build-up on your dog’s teeth.

dog treat pig ears


These grade A pig ears are a classic favourite for all dog breeds.

Pig ears have become one of the most popular dog treats on the market. However, a lot of commercial brands can cover the ears in sugars and additives that are un-natural and can upset your dog’s stomach.

Our 100% natural pig ears contain no additives and are graded to the highest welfare grade making them safe and healthy as a monthly reward.

Black Pudding Sticks

Grain-free treat contains chicken 70%, pork blood, beef meal, minerals.

Our black pudding sticks are made using an expertly designed recipe which contains no grains and is made fully with delicious meat which your dog will love. 

The 8 inch long natural snacks are air-baked and dried so that they keep their delicious natural flavour and can be broken into smaller pieces for bite-sized snacks.

rabbit ear dog treats

Rabbit Ears

A guilt-free treat to give to your dog that’s low in both odour and fat. These are also a great treat for dogs with sensitive digestion and allergies.

Plain rabbit ears are a great alternative to those dogs sensitive to pig’s ears. They are hypoallergenic and really great for dogs with a sensitive tummy or allergies to other proteins.

They are also low in fat and calories and high in protein and can improve dental hygiene by keeping the teeth clean.

Venison Sticks

Venison has fewer calories, less fat and more iron than any other type of meat.

Our 100% air dried, 8 inch long venison sticks are not only low in fat, but they are also gluten free and hypoallergenic.

Venison also provides protein to help build strong bones and muscles.  The chewy sticks are air dried slowly to retain all the nutrients and are produced in the UK.

duck necks treats for dogs in mallorca

Duck Necks

These dried duck necks are great for dogs with allergies and sensitive stomachs.

Delicious and crunchy, they can be used as recreational treats or can be completely chewed and digested. Dehydrated poultry bones are soft (pulverised through the process) and pliable, and can be completely chewed up and digested.

Duck’s content of omega-3 fatty acids helps provide your dog with a healthy skin and coat.

duck wings dog treat mallorca

Duck Wings

100% pure duck no chemicals or preservatives, just duck!

The chewy texture gently cleans teeth and gums and promotes improved oral health. Duck wings are also a natural source of chondroitin, which is used to prevent and treat inflammation and pain in the joints.

These treats are grain-free, naturally dehydrated without additives, fillers, or hormones.

Pig snout dog chew

Pig Snouts

A natural and low-fat dog treat. It has been puffed during the drying process to create a less greasy alternative to pig ears.

We’ll admit it: our pig snout treats are slightly odd for us humans to look at. But you know what? Dogs love them, and that’s really all that matters. No artificial preservatives, flavours, additives or coatings are in these tasty treats! 

Each pig snout is extremely high in protein and low in fat, making it a great option for dogs who need to watch their weight.

puffed chicken feet for dogs

Puffed Chicken Feet

Natural and produced to current EC standards.

Chicken feet are naturally rich in glucosamine and chondroitin, which are both known to support the joint health and mobility of dogs.

Raw or dehydrated (dried) chicken bones, are both considered safe. In contrast to cooked chicken bones, their texture is rather soft and brittle. When chewed, they will crush, but not break into pointy objects. They are fully digestible for dogs.

dried liver for dogs

Dried Liver

Slices of dried British beef liver.

Not only is liver very rich in protein, but it also contains healthy fats and key nutrients. Liver is a good source of vitamin A, iron, copper, phosphorus, and zinc as well as various B vitamins and essential fatty acids.

salmons sticks for dogs

Salmon Sticks

100% pure salmon fish treat and a natural source of salmon oil.

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids and protein, salmon is one of the healthiest types of fish you can prepare for both you and your pet.

It also contains vitamins A, D, and B-complex, as well as the minerals zinc, potassium, and magnesium. Great for heathy skin, fur and joints.






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