Why Our Natural Treats Are Amazing For Your Dog?

Since we begin our natural dog treat business back in July 2020, there has been a lot of talk and feedback about how so many of our customers love them, how delicious dogs find them and how great the service is from delivering our boxes straight to peoples doors without any delivery charge.

But one question we would like to answer is why are our treats amazing for your dog and why you should stop treating them to store-bought snacks, and starting rewarding your dog with the most natural snacks available to buy.

No Additives, Flavours Or Preservatives

None of our treats contain any additives, flavours or preservatives that you will find in other store bought products. So how do we preserve freshness and quality? All of our dog snacks are air dried using a natural process to remove any moisture from the product. Removing the moisture does two things:

  1. Hardens the treat which allows for a longer chewing process.
  2. Bacteria grows on moisture. Removing the moisture means there is no where for bacteria to grow, which therefore means the products stay fresh for long periods of time without the need for adding preservatives.

Wide Range Of Health Benefits

We have designed each of our monthly snack boxes with your dog’s health in mind. As fellow dog owners, we understand we only want the best for our dog. Each box has been carefully thought out, and the products are chosen in such a way that they can help bring many health benefits for your dog. All the ingredients are balanced just right to help provide the following:

They Keep Their Natural Look

Some store-bought dog snacks can be terrible for your dog. Certain products, like a rawhide, can be moulded and glued together to give a more “appealing” look. All of our snacks are 100% natural and are not shaped or moulded in any way. Plus, no flavours or sugars are added to enhance their flavour. They look and taste just as they should.

Variety In Choice

Each of our natural treat boxes contain a variety of different snacks for your dog throughout the month. While all dogs have their favourite chew, having a variety of textures and flavours stops your dog getting bored with the same treats everyday.

So as you can see, our natural dog treats are perfect for your dog. But also, for you. And here’s why:

Premium Products - Yet Cheaper Than The Pet Store

As an online business, we are able to keep our costs are low as possible without compromising the quality of our dogs snacks. We believe in using only the most premium ingredients in our snack boxes, without charging a premium price.

We did a test, buying a selection of store bought, commercial dog snacks, and testing them against some of our boxes. For the same treats, but lower quality, you would be paying over €35.00 for less than 20 treats. This is over 60% more expensive, and less quality than the natural dog treat products we use.

Free Delivery Straight To Your Door

Not only should the products be the best, but so should the service. This is why we deliver our boxes completely for free to your home every month. For deliveries that are not local to us, we use DHL who provide full tracking information so you can manage your delivery online – which is also free to you, our customer.

Helping Local Charities

We started off as a local family run business in Mallorca. We believe it is important to help other local businesses and charities as much as possible. This is why we donate 5% of all of profits to SOS Animal Mallorca who help hundreds of dogs and cats every year find their forever home.

No Plastic In Our Packaging

To help do our part for the environment, all our packing is made from 100% recycled materials. We use no plastic in our packing, plus, our delivery box look really cool!

Our wonderful natural dog treat boxes are available as a monthly subscription, or as a one-time purchase for people looking to test out of products or buy them as a gift. We can also customise any box to your dogs needs.

Visit our online shop now to order your dog one of our delicious treat boxes or subscribe to join over 300 other dogs across Spain enjoying their natural treat boxes every month.

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